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Sessions Scheduled with Intention...

Most will say that you begin your journey here, however, your soul has gone on quite the trip to be here and now in this present moment of time & space. Maybe even as many life cycles as there are stars in the universe & beyond. Just like you, your soul journey continues through intentional practices that can aid in elevating & expanding your vibration on this rock we call Earth.

Intuitive Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing modality, that aligns & clears imbalances within the body.

Through your intuitively guided session, we will journey together to clear out stagnant or built-up energy not serving your highest and most good.

During this session, we will:

+ Discuss what to expect & any areas you feel need some extra TLC

+ Guided Meditation to assist in bringing your consciousness to full relaxation

+ Channeled Energy to the Chakras

+ Acclimation and post-discussion of what came up in the session

Estimated Session time is 60-90 minutes.

** Please note that currently, I am only offering Virtual Sessions

Beyond Quantum Healing Journey

Take a journey to the Quantum Realm from:

Past Life Regressions

Other World Journeys

Communicating with Your Higher Self

& the Expansion of the Universe Ready to Explore

Unlocking your inner knowledge to gain a deeper understanding of yourself.

+ We will have a pre-induction conversation

+ Heart Centered Alignment Before Induction

+ Induction & Guiding you on your journey

+ Back to Consciousness

+ Post-induction discussion to go over the journey

+ Follow-up 30-minute session to unpack any messages or memories you may have recalled post the session.

Estimated Session time is 3hrs 30mins - 4hrs 30mins +.

Due to the nature of these sessions, they can go longer depending on the journey, so it is strongly advised not to schedule any time-restrictive, appointments or commitments on the scheduled day.

** Sessions are Currently done Virtually & with wired headphones with a mic. There are limited days a month for this session due to the time and intention made for this Session.

Intuitive Tarot / Oracle Reading

Intuitive lead reading, inviting your Spirit Guides, Ancestors & Higher Self to assist in the messages to bring guidance & support through various spreads, and questions.

Discover the messages that lie within or confirm what you already feel is happening in your life.

During the Session:

+ You will state your name & pick out the deck that speaks to you

+ I will ask if there is anything that you would like to know or focus on

+ Invitation for your Spirit Team to assist in the process

+ The reading will then begin with the spread intuitively laid out

+ Actively giving you messages and intuitive hits

+ We will conclude the reading with any last question, statement & possible motivation

** During this time only virtual bookings are available, and there are options for offline pulls

Here's what our customers say


"Rachel was so nice to offer me an end of year card reading & it resonated with me so much! Rachel has great insights and guidance! Thanks Rachel!


"After the reiki session, I feel like I could conquer anything after this session."


"I've really been wanting to go back to school, but debating if I could do it while balancing my already busy life. This card pull helped me strengthen the belief that I am being pushed to further my training. Going deeper into my spirituality and healing the traumas from a past relationship, therefore, allowing my chakras to flow in alignment. I'm finally accepting myself, forgiving myself, and loving myself. So thank you again."